2020 Nashville Golf Open
Volunteer Agreement/Waiver

I understand and acknowledge that my activities or the activities of my minor child as a volunteer at or in connection with the Nashville Golf Open may expose me or my child to unknown and/or unanticipated risks of harm or injury, and I hereby assume all such risks of my behalf or on behalf of my child.

On my behalf or on behalf of my child, I hereby release and discharge the Indemnified Parties (**as defined below) from any and all claims for liability for personal injury, death or property damage that I or my child may suffer while performing such volunteer work or service, regardless of when or where the injury or damage occurs.

This release includes, without limitation, any claim arising out of (a) the condition of the premises of the host course, or any other premises used by the Nashville Golf Open or PGA TOUR/web.com Tour for any reason, and (b) the conduct or any person during preparation, supervision or conduct of, the Nashville Golf Open or any practice round or activity related to it.

I further understand that the Indemnified Parties will not maintain insurance to cover me or my child for personal injury, property damage or medical expenses, and I accept full responsibility for the costs of treatment for any injury or damages suffered by me or my child while volunteering with the Nashville Golf Open.

I have read this release and agree to be bound by its terms in consideration for volunteering.

**Indemnified parties is defined as the Nashville Golf Open, its sponsors, the host course, and the PGA TOUR, as well as their affiliates and subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, members, employees and officials, and all volunteers.

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