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2021 SEC Baseball Tournament
Welcome to the SEC Baseball Tournament volunteer registration page! Each year you must create a NEW ACCOUNT, so your credentials from 2020 will not work. Please create a new account using the left hand pane below. If you have already registered for 2021, please sign in on the right hand side.

During registration, you will choose your preference of committee (descriptions available during registration): Hospitality, Media Will Call, Stadium Usher. We ask all volunteers work 3 shifts throughout the week (May 25-30), but you are welcome to work more. One shift is approximately a session (two baseball games). You will get access to additional guest tickets (on top of the 2 eveyone gets in the package) for working additional shifts over the minimum 3. The volunteer fee is $40; all volunteers will receive the following perks package:


  • One (1) SEC Baseball Volunteer Shirt (dri fit style shirt) with event logo
  • One (1) Volunteer Hat with event logo
  • One (1) Volunteer Credential (event access with grass hillside seating only when not on shift)
  • Complimentary meals while on shift
  • Two(2) complimentary reserved single session tickets to distribute to friends/family (you will have to pick your session(s) prior to the event and are based on availability). *You will get additional tickets for shifts over the minimum 3 worked.

If you need help getting started, click here to read and print the volunteer manual.
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